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Connecting made simple.

Social Intern connects students to the resources and opportunities they need to bridge the gap between college and career.

How it works

Always wondered what fields and industries you want to pursue a career in? Interested in finding out who are leading in these areas and what topics they find interesting? Want to get more relevant work experience at an innovative company or startup? Tell us your industries, fields and locations of interest and we’ll show you which leaders you should connect to, what knowledge and insights they are sharing, which companies are innovating in your field, what opportunities are available for you and what events you can attend.

Industry leaders

We provide you access to curated lists of leaders in your fields, industries and locations of interest. By providing a unique interface to Twitter you can tap into its vast database of insights in any field or industry, created by leaders from all around the world. For you, we curate the most respected people and filter out all irrelevant content so that you can easily enjoy more than thousands of interesting articles. We also give you insight in how they became leaders, so that you can learn from the best.


Based on your fields, industries and locations of interest, we match you to the most relevant internships and give you insight in how it is to work at these companies. Applying is easy, just create one single personal profile for all applications, write a tailored short pitch for each of them and you’re done. We’ll make it easy for you to track these applications as we contact you when you get a new message. Our messaging system promotes easy and quick interaction between you and the company.

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